Fontes GmbH Switzerland

Fontes GmbH Switzerland

Mühlemattstrasse 45, 3007 Bern, Switzerland

Phone +41 31 372 68 30, or Mobile Andreas G. Koestler +41 563 28 56, or Urs Heierli +41 78 822 39 18

Fontes GmbH Switzerland is a private company with shareholders, registered in Switzerland. Fontes will mobilize the necessary funding through investments from private people in Switzerland, and will make such investments available to the project through loans at defined conditions. In addition, Fontes has provided and will provide consultancy in management issues as well as in technical solutions. Also, Fontes is working on finding modern and innovative solutions to empower local partners to improve accessibility to the service by the population both in practical terms as well as in cash handling issues (pre-paid cards, automatized water taps, mobile money involvement, solar kiosks, etc.). To increase capacity and competence especially in the area of implementation and further business development, Fontes GmbH will employ young and enthusiastic people.

Goma: Water service delivery

The value proposition of AFRICAN FOUNTAIN, developed by Fontes Invest as (Norway) and Fontes GmbH Switzerland is to deliver predictable, continuous and affordable water (and energy) services for the entire population in poor regions. The proposal is based on a long-standing experience in the region of Eastern Africa, mainly Goma (DR Congo.) and Uganda and Kenya, delivering safe water to over 250’000 people in a sustainable and profitable manner. The aim is to increase this coverage at least to 100’000 more people in the first year and scale it up further from the second year onwards. The delivery will be based on small and medium sized utilities operated by Fontes GmbH Switzerland in cooperation with local service providers. It is also planned to add energy services (lighting, charging, cooling, WIFI) at locations where this makes sense. The final aim is to create a scalable business model ranging from a water kiosk model to small and medium utilities acting as service delivery operators under a concession and with involvement of local water committees.

Fontes Gmbh has recently received the support from Swiss BlueTec Bridge in the form of a Grant to scale up the projects and to further develop the business concepts.

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