Project list

2019 – 2020 Making of a business unit in the Ghana Red Cross Society for water and sanitation service deliveries. Consultancy funded by Nestlé and implemented together with IFRC and Ghana Red Cross. Approach to introduce cost recovery to achieve sustainable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Since 2016 Establishment of water service company Yme Jibu in Goma (Eastern DR Congo) together with Fontes Invest AS and three local partners. Business approach to recover all costs from services to enable the social enterprise for further extension of services and scaling up of models.

Since 2015 Consulting and business development within the water and energy sector for rural and semi-urban Africa. Negotiations, business plan, investor contacts, cooperation through networks, modular infrastructure developments.

Since 2011 St. Gallen University Switzerland, teaching as guest lecturer in “Leadership in Disaster management” and “Practical Leadership in Development Aid Projects”. Supervision of Bachelor and Master students.

2012-2014 Managing Director of A-Aqua AS, Norway with strategic, administrative and human resource responsibilities towards selling of emergency products in the water and sanitation sector, as well as of developing of concepts and projects in drinking water and waste water infrastructure.

2013-2014 UNICEF Dr Congo: Supply chain analysis for handpumps and spare parts in Eastern DR Congo. Consultancy through A-Aqua AS, Norway. Field studies, compilations and reporting in cooperation with Fontes Uganda Ltd and Yme Grand Lacs, Goma.

2012-2013 University of St. Gallen: Facilitator and professional leader of preparation seminar for “Challenge the Best” with focus on Water Scarcity. Guiding and coaching of 40 master students during 3 days.

2012-2013 Fletcher School of Tuft University, Boston, and St. Gallen University, Switzerland: Facilitator and professional organizer of the international “Globe Leadership Seminar”, Talloires, France, in September 2012.

2012 Norwegian Red Cross: Preparation and compilation of training and mission hand book for the Health Emergency Response Units. Preparation of delegate training in emergency water and sanitation.

2011 Norwegian Red Cross: facilitator during Field School in Nepal for the training of Red Cross/ Red Crescent delegates in field operations. 2.5 weeks in November.

2011 Norwegian Afghanistan Committee: Conducted workshop and field work for local and international staff on Disaster Risk Reduction at community level in Badakhshan, Afghanistan. July 23 to August 8, 2011. Preparation, training of local staff, mapping, compiling of data. Proposal for further work.

2011 Norwegian Red Cross, Operational leader for Training in Emergency Response Units, Health and field hospital, Eidene, Southern Norway, May 9 to 14, inclusive preparation and planning.

2011 NOREPS (the Norwegian Emergency Response System): Market analysis of needs and supplies in the sectors energy, water, sanitation and shelter in the changing situation of recent emergencies with focus on Haiti Earthquake and Pakistan floods.

2010 Norwegian Red Cross, Health ERU training course, Eidene. Co-team-leader for whole course and field exercise with establishment of a ERU referral field hospital. November 1 to 7.

2010 Norwegian University for Life Sciences in Ås: teaching and preparing e-learning course on Disaster management and water/sanitation in emergencies; under progress.

2010 United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA): consultant for developing methodology and training in capacity assessment of Disaster Preparedness with Ghana as pilot country. April to October 2010.

2010 SOS Children’s Villages International: Literature scan with focus on children’s rights in emergencies. Recent developments and challenges. A basic document for further work on the policy and strategy for emergency situations with specific focus on children’s rights.


2010 Haiti Earthquake: Team leader for the Norwegian/Canadian Red Cross ERU Hospital in Petit Goave for 6 weeks. Disaster management in a complex environment after the earthquake providing health services at a hospital and in the communities. Team of 25 expats and 35 local staff, as well as integration into a hospital of 120 local staff.

2010 Supervisor of implementation of water supply in Kashaka with related community mobilization, democratization approaches and gender focused training.

2009-2010 Norwegian Red Cross: project manager and initiator of  development and set-up of prototype of sanitation solutions for Rapid Deployment Hospital and Full Referral Filed Hospital.

2009 –  Researcher on hydrogeology related to gyrodactylus problems in Norwegian salmon river, specifically Vefsna, Veterinaer Instiutt, Trondheim.

2009 Consultant for Norwegian Red Cross for arranging the IFRC Global Alliance conference on disaster risk reduction, February 2009. Both organisational issues and content in close cooperation with IFRC.

2009 – Consultant for Clear Water 42 Holding, technical advisor, marketing and product development for specific emergency situations.

2008-2009  Consultant for Scandinavian Water Technology AS, Norway, in technical operations and production, management, quality control and assurance.

2008-2011 Mozambique: Project manager of Water Project implementation in Quissanga as a CSR project for Statoil (Norway), planning, technical design, practical implementation, community mobilization, hydrogeology and training.

2008 Consultant on Review of Georgia Emergency Response Unit (ERU) mobilization of the Norwegian Red Cross for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

2008 Consulting in Disaster Risk Reduction for Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Preparation of content and talks for the MFA delegation for China meetings.

2008 IFRC Field school in Belize: facilitator of training of Red Cross/ Red Crescent Delegates in Water and Sanitation during field assessments. Team work training for disaster related situations and community interaction.

2008 Teaching at University of Neuchatel about  “Sanitation in Emergencies”.

2007 Nairobi, Kenya Red Cross: facilitator and trainer of local staff on emergency water supply. Lecturing in Disaster Management.

2004–2008 Norwegian Red Cross: Advisor in international Preparedness and Water&Sanitation. Full time position. Focus on Disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation. Arranging of delegate trainings and teaching in disaster management, water and sanitation.

2006, 2009  Teaching at Tampere Technical University about sanitation in emergencies. Key-note speaker at Dry Toilet conferences.

2005  Tsunami in Indonesia: Special advisor on Water and sanitation projects for the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) and Norwegian Red Cross.

2004-2005 Project manager on implementation of small-scale water treatment system in Katunguru, a village in the Ugandan Queen Elisabeth National Park. In cooperation with the Ugandan Wild Life Authorities.

2003  Team member on disaster assessment and coordination during the floods in eastern Sudan (August 2003) for the United Nations Disaster and Coordination Team (UNDAC) under OCHA-Geneva.

2003-2004 Advisor for presentation and discussions with World Bank about more effective implementation of water and sanitation projects in rural Africa. Through a cooperation with Plastec a.s and Scan-Water a.s (Norway).

2003-2005 Project manager and initiator of water supply for displaced people after volcanic eruption in Goma DRC (January 2002). Project management and implementation. Drilling operation started in late 2003. Funded by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a Swiss company.

2003  Trainer and lecturer for installation of winterized, mobile water treatment unit in Kabul, Afghanistan. Client: Kabul Municipality, funded by DED. Carried out for Plastec AS, Norway.

2003-2005 Consulting on the effect of groundwater in rest water on fish rehabilitation, regulated rivers in Norway. Client: Norwegian Energy Industry. Co-operation with Zoological Institute in Oslo, Norway.

1998-2005 Cabinda, Angola: Project manager and initiator of water supply and sanitation programme in rural areas of the Cabinda province. Financed by the Yme Foundation and NORAD. Water supply to rural areas, sanitation improvements and health seminars, drilling of water wells.

2000-2002 Management of rehabilitation and improvement program in the water and sanitation sector for resident population and Internally Displaced People in Angola. Yme as Implementing partner for UNHCR in the provinces of Luanda and Uige.

1999-2005 Consulting and research on impact of ground water on river hydrology for fish spawning in rivers and lakes. Client: Directorate for Natural Resources. Co-operation with Zoological Institute in Oslo, Norway.

2000-2002 Structural study on the Valhall Field for BP. Quantification of structural elements and modelling of their effect on reservoir behaviour. Preparation of input for reservoir simulations based on structural core logging, seismic data, and all other available pressure and production data.

1999-2002 Angola refugee situation: operational leader of refugee programme financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, carried out through the Yme Foundation. Project definitions, negotiations, planning and supervision of water and sanitation installations, shelter construction and reconciliation in rural communities.

2001-2002 Planning, coordination and supervision of drilling of 20 deep water bore holes in West Pokot, Kenya, for UNICEF through Plastec as.

2001  Organized and conducted training for staff of UNICEF in Beira, Mozambique in water treatment and emergency preparedness. Training course with both theoretical disaster management approaches and practical implementations in real situaitons.

2001  Evaluation of cores for the disposal of radioactive waste in Finland for POSIVA. Structural core logging of basement rocks and the significance of structures for the flow behaviour in the rock mass.

1999-2001 Co-operation with GEA Consulting (Stockholm) on fracture geometry and fracture conductivity in the surroundings of storage caverns for radioactive waste in basement rocks in Sweden, Switzerland, Finland.

1999  Operational leader for the project implementations of the Norwegian Church Aid’s Water and Sanitation programmes in emergencies context. Mainly projects financed through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Project definitions, hydrogeology, water engineering, groundwater modelling, implementation, supervision.

1999  August: Assessment to the earthquake hit areas in Turkey. Project co-ordinator, project planning, budgeting, start of emergency assistance for Norwegian Church Aid and ACT International.

1999-2000  Kosovo: Operational Co-ordinator for water and sanitation assessments, rehabilitation and implementation in different municipalities for ACT International: project definitions, co-ordination, hydrogeology, water engineering, implementation, contact and negotiations with authorities, UN-bodies and other NGOs

1999  Supervision of master students in geology with fieldwork in the Sinai, Egypt on sedimentology and structural geology in sedimentary sequences and hydrogeology. Co-operation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

1999  Trainer and lecturer for water and sanitation specialists for the Water & Sanitation Emergency Preparedness Team (Norwegian Church Aid). 3 days intense course with theoretical and practical training: project management, social aspects, hydrogeology, water engineering.

Macedonia: assessment and implementation of water supply and sanitation installations in different refugee camps, including the biggest camp with 45 000 people for the Norwegian Water & Sanitation Emergency Preparedness Team (Norwegian Church Aid): team leader, definition of work, employment of people, coordination of projects, technical installation, supervision. Contacts and cooperation with other NGOs, UN-bodies, authorities. Ca. 3 months.

1999 Albania: Assessment, project planning and coordination of the water and sanitation installations for three refugee camps for the Norwegian Water & Sanitation Emergency Preparedness Team (Norwegian Church Aid). Ca. 1 month.

1998-99 Iraq: project manager for assessment and project implementation of water and sanitation rehabilitation in Thiqar, a province in southern Iraq. Repair, rebuilding and supplementary construction of water treatment plants, sewage handling systems and distribution systems, environmental impacts. As part of the Norwegian Water & Sanitation Preparedness System administrated by the Norwegian Church Aid. Co-operation with local authorities and local ACT partners. Several stays in Irak.

1997-99 Research project for a consortium of 11 oil companies on enhanced oil recovery in  chalk oil and gas fields. Research work and applications of established techniques. Project generation, planning and implementation. Geological fieldwork, data collection from offshore fields, data analyses, development of modelling techniques, software development, presentations.

1997-2000 Research project in co-operation with the Norwegian Technical Institute for a consortium of 2 oil companies on oil recovery from fractured reservoirs. Project generation, planning and implementation. Geological data collection from offshore fields, data analyses, development of modelling techniques, software development, presentations.

1996-99 Rwanda: team leader for first assessment and implementations of water supply and sanitation systems for returning refugees from DR Congo and Rwanda. Utilisation of groundwater and surface water potential, environmental impacts. Project definitions, co-ordination, management, supervision.

1996-97 Angola: Project manager and team leader for implementation of water and sanitation schemes in 9 different refugee camps in Angola. Clients: UNHCR, UCAH, Norwegian Refugee Council, ADRA. Founding from Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Water engineering, hydrogeology, co-ordination, implementation, environmental impacts, supervision.

1995-97 Emergency water & sanitation preparedness (Norwegian Church Aid): Project manager and technical advisor for establishing preparedness team and equipment. Project initiated by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Norwegian Trade Council.

1994-97  Project management of the Emergency Water Supply (groundwater development) for the refugee camps in the Ngara area, Tanzania; Cooperation with Norwegian Church Aid and Tanganyika Church Refugee Services (TCRS). Project initiative, management, hydrogeology, groundwater modelling, technical advisory services, administration and budgeting, field implementation of drilling operation. Clients: UNHCR, TCRS.

1995-96 Fault related secondary migration – “SMIFF” research programme, sub-consultancy for the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute.

1995 Field workshop in the Gulf of Suez (Egypt): facilitator and lecturer about integration of tectonic structures at all scales into advanced reservoir models, with specific application to the Valhall Field. Clients: Amoco Norway, Enterprise Oil, Amarada Hess.

1995-96 Cooperation with Cairo University on hydrogeology, environmental geology and petroleum geology training. Fieldwork in the Sinai for geological mapping. Training courses.

1994-95  Cyprus: Co-project manager for the evaluation and planning of deep-drilling for water resources on Cyprus, Cyprus Government. Proposal and hydrogeological surveys. Negotiations with Government.

1994  Oil spill remediation on a Caribbean island, environmental impact assessment, project management and financial responsibility. Client: Medepesca (Fishery Authorities of Nicaragua), financed by NORAD.

1993-95 Evaluation of the environmental impact during the building phase and during usual future use of the new Oslo Main Airport at Gardermoen. Project for the Norwegian Natural Foundation.

1994  Evaluation of hydrocarbon reservoirs on their compartmentalization during exploration. Persian Gulf and offshore Thailand. Client: Mærsk Olie & Gas, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1993-94 Project management and work on the Santa Pancha Project: Natural (geothermal, low entropy water, groundwater) and human resources in a rural society, Chinandegra Province, Nicaragua. Project for YME Foundation, supported by NORAD.

1991-95 Research in quantification of fault/fractures systems and their flow behaviour in hydrocarbon reservoirs (Multicompany project, 13 oil companies). Initiating the scientific concepts, supervising the research, analysing and compiling findings and results, developing software to handle data and reservoir input, integrating findings in reservoir simulations for production and enhanced oil recovery.

1993-94 Evaluation of reports and results concerning the location Wellenberg as a radwaste disposal site for medium active disposal. Client: HSK of the Swiss Government.

1993 South Omo, Ethiopia. Project manager and trainer in hydrogeology and team development in water development and drilling project for Norwegian Church Aid.

1993 Project proposals and feasibility studies for natural resource management (coal vs. rain forest) in Rukwa (east Tanzania), water management and training in Ethiopia, clean-up of oil spill in Nicaragua, water and health management for several areas in Nicaragua. Projects for different organizations including NORAD and YME.

1993  Data base system development for evaluation of the Sealing Potential of Faults, Offshore Norway. Project for Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Norsk Hydro, Saga Petroleum, Statoil.

1990-92 Research in 3D geometry and flow characteristics in deformed chalk (Lägerdorf, NW Germany). Multicompany project under the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

1991  Proposal and contacts in Dakka on a resource mapping and resource management project for Bangladesh. Project for Geological Survey of Bangladesh.

1990  Initiation, management and scientific supervision of the first “Norwegian Environmental Geology Conference” in Oslo, November 21-22.

1990  Leading and organization of excursion to Utah (USA) for exploration and production geologists (Enterprise Oil, London).

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