In my free time, I am wandering over the Alps, climbing on a volcano in the DR Congo, I swim in the sea or steer the sailboat close to the wind.

I am consultant working on leadership towards more efficient and effective use of resources, towards a more human centred cooperation for the benefit of others and with the awareness of the environment.

I am a lecturer and trainer in both leadership and disaster management environments. I am running courses in leadership for NGOs and small companies. I am running trainings in water and sanitation for disaster preparedness and risk reduction measures.

I am an initiator of an NGO and co-founder of a local organization in Goma, DR Congo. I am a business developper both in Norway and Switzerland.

Main Focus

Based on years of experience from disaster response operations, from development cooperation in many countries, actually I work with making business approaches and concepts the solution to provide safe water, sound sanitation and energy to huge populations. I am trying to show  that investors will receive their share while people will get covered their daily needs to make first steps towards an improved livelihood. Infrastructure development is the foundation for any development.